Father's Day at BuyRussianGifts.com

Father's Day at BuyRussianGifts.com

Father's Day is on June 21st -

Father's day is coming up and it is time to reward (or some might say remind) them how you love and appreciate them. June 21 - which also happens to be the date of a solar eclipse in 2020 - is getting closer and closer, which means you better start thinking about what you are going to buy your dad for Father's Day. Of course, you can go with the standard gifts (such as socks, t-shirts, and cigars), but if you want to stand out and show Dad how much you love and care for him: you will have to do better than that.

We at BuyRussiangifts.com / Russian Souvenirs have a wide variety of presents available. We have a beautiful collection of Sterling Silver Tie Clips and Sterling Silver Cufflinks, we also have sophisticated Natural Amber Wine Bottle Stoppers. Some of our fathers collect different Santas and we have a great collection of wooden hand crafted Santas.  We call them in Russia, "Father Frost".
We have many styles of traditional Russian Dolls with his favorite artists on the front of the nesting doll: Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, or Michael Jackson.
We also have Nativity sets and different types of dogs that might resemble your father's favorite dog. 

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