Animal Nesting Dolls

Russian nesting dolls for kids can be found in the collection of animal nesting dolls. A dog or cat matryoshka is always in high demand as a gift for boys or girls. A wide selection of Russian dolls featuring horses, bears, wolfs, frogs, and many others are offered in our online store. The Amber Gift Shop sells only authentic matryoshka, from simple inexpensive Russian dolls to collectible artwork. You will be satisfied with the quality and prices.


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Cat nesting dolls Orange cat matryoshka
Cat Fisherman matryoshka doll
Regular price $79.99 $39.99
Calico Cat Russian Matryoshka Dolls
Regular price $38.99
Red Cat Nesting Dolls
Regular price $38.99
Black Orange Cat Family Nesting Doll
Regular price $38.99
Grey cat nesting dolls
Regular price $38.99
Cat and Goose Matryoshka Nesting Set
Regular price $19.99
Cat with fish bowl nesting Doll Set
Regular price $19.99
Fishing Cat Nesting Doll Set
Regular price $25.99
Black cats Russian nesting dolls Black cat nesting doll
Black Cat Nesting Dolls for Kids
Regular price $24.99
White cat nesting dolls
Regular price $24.99
Mama Cat with Kittens Nesting Dolls
Regular price $69.99
Orange Cat with Kitten Nesting Doll
Regular price $69.99
Farm Nesting Dolls Large 5 Piece Set
Regular price $59.00
Christmas Russian Dolls Cats
Regular price $229.00
Russian doll with kittens Cats Russian doll
Cat with Kitty Russian Doll
Regular price $89.99

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