Hand Painted SANTA

Famous Russian Santa Claus is elegantly dressed in a fancy robe for Christmas night to celebrate the true meaning of this beautiful holiday. Santa will bring desired gifts for everyone and become the star of your Christmas decor.
We have the biggest and the best collection of authentic Russian Grandfather Frost. Here you can find beautiful Santas, from 4 inch small to a large 30 inch, one of the kind, Father Frost.
Russian Santas are hand carved from linden wood and hand painted.
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Russian Santa Burgundy Coat
Regular price $145.00
Russian Santa Claus With Owl
Regular price $225.99
Santa dressed in white robe
Regular price $69.99
Wooden Carved Santa Skier
Regular price $129.99
Russian Santa with golden stars
Regular price $89.99
Blue Russian Authentic Father Frost
Regular price $75.00
Father Frost Dressed in Blue
Regular price $259.00
Santa with a Christmas Tree
Regular price $129.00
Santa Green Gold Coat
Regular price $225.99
Happy Santa Christmas Ornament
Regular price $179.99
Carved Father Frost Red Gold
Regular price $75.00
White Santa with brown bear
Regular price $279.00
Santa in blue robe
Regular price $69.99
Russian Santa with bear Christmas tree Russian Santa with bear and Xmas tree
Santa with Bear
Regular price $239.99

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