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Russian nesting dolls have a long history. The dolls are created as a symbol of motherhood and celebration of a big and happy family. Russian stacking dolls are, not only a kids toy, but often collectible art pieces. The greatest examples of Russian fine art can be found in our collection of unique dolls.
If you are looking for some extraordinary hand made art pieces these Russian nesting dolls are waiting for you.
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Wizard of OZ Unique Nesting Doll
Regular price $28.99
Tale of Kolobok Unique Russian Doll
Regular price $59.99
Wood Burn Unique Matryoshka
Regular price $89.00
Nutcracker Russian dolls Nutcracker matryoshka dolls
Nutcracker Ballet Nesting Dolls
Regular price $119.00
Snow queen Russian doll Russian nesting dolls fairytale
Snow Queen Nesting Doll Storyteller
Regular price $195.99
Russian Santa Nesting Dolls
Regular price $119.99
Nutcracker miniature nesting dolls
Regular price $24.99
Unique Russian Santa Dolls Mushroom Shape
Regular price $69.99 $49.99
Santa Matryoshka Stacking Set
Regular price $29.99 $24.99
White Gold Nesting dolls
Regular price $32.99
Angel Russian Doll Musical Bell
Regular price $229.00
Russian Doll with Teddy Bear
Regular price $229.00
Collectible Russian Musical Doll
Regular price $195.00

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