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BuyRussianGifts store presents exquisitely hand carved and hand painted wooden figures from Russia. These figures are painted in a variety of colors and styles with stunning details, rich designs and beautiful scenes. Choose your next masterpiece from our fabulous collection of Russian artwork.
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Russian Santa Claus With Owl
Regular price $195.00
Christmas Tree Matryoshka Set in Blue
Regular price $39.99 $36.99
Santa Claus Ornament
Regular price $5.99
Santa Green Gold Coat
Regular price $179.00
Russian Santa with Nutcracker
Regular price $225.00
Russian Santa hand carved from wood Carved Santa
Santa Riding Sleigh
Regular price $275.00
Russian Santa with Birds
Regular price $129.00
Russian Hand Carved Santa on Moose
Regular price $129.99
Big Hat Russian Santa
Regular price $69.99
Russian church musical box Russian church musical box blue
Russian Musical Box Blue
Regular price $49.99

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