Unique Carvings

BuyRussianGifts store is presenting the most beautiful exquisitely hand-carved and hand-painted Santa and unique carvings from Russia. All wonderful Santa Claus figures and carvings are created by talented Russian artists. All pieces are museum quality and will be a great addition to the serious collection or can be an unforgettable gift for anyone who appreciates art.

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Russian wooden santa with penguin Santa Claus wood figure
Santa with Penguin Wooden Figurine
Regular price $119.00
Santa Polar Bear Wood Carved Figure
Regular price $579.00
Santa Babushka Dolls Mushroom Shape
Regular price $35.99
Carved Santa Matryoshka Dolls
Regular price $49.99
Russian Musical Box Blue
Regular price $49.99
Russian musical box Nutcracker
Regular price $59.99
Russian Doll Musical Box
Regular price $49.99
Russian Hand Crafted Musical Box
Regular price $49.99
Unique shape snowman nesting dolls
Regular price $35.00
Christmas tree blue matryoshka
Regular price $36.99
Unique Santa Dolls Carved and Painted
Regular price $139.00
Golden Christmas tree matryoshka
Regular price $49.99
Russian Santa dolls mushroom shape
Regular price $49.00
Snowman Russian doll box
Regular price $179.00

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