Roly Poly Wiggle Dolls

Tilting Musical Doll - Roly Poly - Nevalyashka

Introducing the Roly Poly Wiggle Dolls! These adorable and entertaining toys are sure to captivate children and adults alike. The Roly Poly Wiggle Dolls are colorful, soft-bodied dolls with a unique feature that sets them apart from traditional dolls: they wiggle and roll around!

Designed to engage young minds and encourage active play, these dolls come with a weighted base that allows them to wobble and spin in all directions. With every touch, the Roly Poly Wiggle Dolls emit delightful sounds and charming giggles, adding an extra layer of excitement to playtime.

Each doll has a cheerful and vibrant design, featuring bright colors, cute facial expressions, and cute outfits. They are made from child-safe materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting fun. These dolls are perfect for sensory development, motor skills improvement, and imaginative play.

If you're looking for a fun and interactive toy for your child, the Roly Poly Wiggle Dolls are a must-have! Watch them wiggle, roll, and spread joy as they become the stars of your child's playtime adventures.

Nevalyashkas (van'ka-vstan'ka)

or better known as Roly Poly are traditional Russian Toys. They never fall over but wobble back and forth, ringing a little bell inside. A roly-poly toy, also known as the round-bottomed doll, tilting doll, tumbler, or wobbly man, is a round-bottomed toy, usually egg-shaped, that tends to right itself when pushed at an angle and does this in seeming contradiction to the force of gravity. When such a toy is pushed over, it wobbles for a few moments while it seeks the upright orientation.
Children have been playing with these dolls for many years. 

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Russian Doll Roly Poly Blue
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Russian musical doll Russian doll with roses
Russian Doll Roly Poly Roses
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Christmas Tree Roly Poly Round-Bottomed Doll
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Santa with Balalaika Roly Poly Musical Doll
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Santa Bell Christmas Russian Doll
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Christmas Doll Santa Claus
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Santa with Teddy Bear Roly Poly
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Santa Russian Doll
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Santa and Christmas Tree Roly-Poly
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Russian Folk Artwork Roly Poly
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Russian Doll Cats Musical Box
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Blue Roly Poly
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Santa Bell Musical Doll
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Russian Doll “Summer Beauty”
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Christmas Russian Doll Musical Bell
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Russian Doll Cat Roly Poly
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Russian Doll “ Apples “
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