The village of Fedoskino located 40 km north of Moscow, on the banks of the Ucha River, is Russia’s oldest center of lacquer miniature art. The secrets of making and painting papier-mache lacquer boxes have been passed from one generation to another for 200 years. The Fedoskino miniatures are relatively easy to distinguish from other three styles of lacquer miniature. Artists from Fedoskino use a more realistic style of painting than the other villages. Subjects range from folklore and fairy tales to everyday events of simple village life; from beautiful Russian landscapes and distinctive architecture to the rich history of Russian people. Fedoskino’s lacquer boxes can be recognized by the use of oil paint over silver, gold leaf or inlayed mother-of-pearl. This unique technique of translucent painting creates the effect of a shimmering glow and brings depth to the scene in a box. We are proud to present our collection of authentic Russian Lacquer Boxes.
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