Antique Hand Painted Utensils

There is more to traditional Russian crafts than famous matryoshka dolls. We proudly present the latest collection of restored and hand painted antique wooden utensils by talented Russian artists, Natalia and Dmitriy Zhukov. This young couple share a successful art union. They both studied at the Abramtsevo Art School, an intellectual and artistic center that played a significant role in the development of Russian culture since the 19th century. Their current workshop is located near the famous monastery at Sergeev Posad, whose gold domes, cupolas and fortified walls often appear in their designs. Natalia and Dmitriy collect antique wooden artifacts and breathe new life into them. The artists draw their inspiration from fantasy and folktales, and from the spirit of the old cities of Russia they have traveled through. Each pieces from this collection is unique and one of the kind.




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