Healing powers of Amber

        Many people have different interpretations of amber and its healing powers. Here we have put together some of the traditional ideas about the healing powers of amber.

        Amber is known as a powerful cleanser and healer of the body. Many say that at a physical level, Amber can instill vitality, draw out diseases and absorb physical pain or negative energy that may bring harm to the body.  Amber helps the body heal itself and removes stress from ones life.

       Amber is said to be able to radiate warmth and bring energy into ones body and life.  Amber is used to help treat the throat, stomach, spleen, kidney, liver, bladder, and gallbladder.  It can also alleviate joint problems, and strengthen the mucus membranes.  Amber is an excellent natural antibiotic.

        Amber has many metaphysical properties including the power to bring “good luck” to a person. It can purify and revitalize a person’s life. Not only does it take away negative energy but it can also help people accomplish their dreams and desires.  Amber is known to strengthen the memory and intellect, and can even help emotionally calm and center your mind. All in all, it cleanses the body and brings only good energy and healing powers into ones life.

        Amber, which is fossilized resin, warms against the touch of skin, and safely releases its therapeutic properties safely and naturally.  One remedy that is very common and demonstrates the ideas listed above is the baby teething necklace. Many mothers of newborns buy Amber necklaces to wear specifically for the baby to teeth on. This is a common European remedy and is believed to help calm the baby without having to use any form of antibiotic. It removes pain and stress from the baby’s body and thus soothes teething babies.  

         How could a stone have these kinds of healing properties?  Perhaps consider that this magical petrified tree sap was created from the sun, winds, and waters of the earth millions of years ago.



*Disclaimer, these are all opinions and remedies; none of these have scientifically been proven as fact.