How to Care for Lacquer Boxes

Russian Lacquer art is a important part of Russian art history. Russian lacquer art “developed from the art of icon painting which came to an end with the collapse of Imperial Russia. The icon painters, who previously had been employed by supplying not only churches but people's homes, needed a way to make a living. Thus, the craft of making papier-mâché decorative boxes and panels developed, the items were lacquered and then hand painted by the artists, often with scenes from folk tales. “ 


If you are a proud collector of Russian Lacquer Boxes, we suggest that for the best care of these boxes to follow the 5 steps below, so you can enjoy your beautiful boxes for years to come. 


Carrying for these boxes

These boxes are very easy to care for, the following are just guidelines.

1.    Keep box in safe dry area.

2.    Dust box with a micro fiber cloth

3.    If something spill on box, or there is any kind of residue, spray some windex on a cloth, let it soak in, and then apply to the box. 
       Remember that lacquer boxes have many layers of lacquer over them, and thus this will not hurt the box in any way.

4.    If there is residue inside from a price tag, first try spraying windex on cloth and rubbing area. If this does not work then use a 
       small amount of olive oil. Put this oil over the residue, use your nail  softly to rub area. Once residue is removed, use widex on
       soft cloth to remove olive oil.

5.    When storing, put it into the box it came in. This box usually has cotton lining. If it does not, feel free to add some cotton lining.


To see how to quickly clean and take care of your boxes safely, please watch the video below, or click here 




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