The Golden-haired Girl




Once upon a time, there lived a powerful magician called Poloza. Though he had a lot of gold and wealth, he valued his daughter much more than anything else. She was young and pretty and had long, golden hair.

One day, the golden-haired girl met a young hunter of the Bashkirian tribe and they fell in love with each other. The hunter asked Poloza for her hand in marriage. But Poloza refused because he did not want his daughter to live the harsh life of a nomad's wife.

But this did not put the hunter off. Twice he tried to abduct the golden-haired girl but each time, she was brought back by Poloza's magic. So, the hunter went deep into the forest and sought the advice of the wise Magic Owl. The owl told him that the only place where Poloza's magic could not reach was the large island in the middle of the lake.

So, the hunter and the golden-haired girl ran away to the large island in the middle of the lake, where Poloza's magic could not reach them. The island was beautiful and gave them whatever comfort they needed.

But the Magic Owl had also told them they would be captives on the island forevermore. Even then, they had decided to come to the island because they loved each other very much.

Although many centuries have passed, even today people living near the lake say that sometimes at dawn, couples walking along the bank of the lake can see the island and the beautiful maiden sitting on a stone at the water's edge. When she lets her beautiful hair down, the water turns into pure gold.